We need to calm down when it comes to smartphone bezels

The smartphone community is up in arms over the bezels on the Pixel 4. They’re too thick, some say, and Google is wrongly bucking the bezel-less trend. Because of this, the argument goes, the Pixel 4 will be consigned to a lowly corner of the marketplace, destined to be remembered only as a could have been that failed because of its looks.

Are you kidding me?

I’ve remained largely agnostic on the whole bezel-less rage. That is, until now, as I feel compelled to call out the ridiculous-ness of this fad. Although I’ve never had a bezel-less phone, I’m quite certain it would drive me crazy. At the very least, I wouldn’t fawn over it. I don’t mind having a little separation between my hand and the screen when I’m holding the phone. The bezel on my Pixel 3a helps me get a good grip, and that’s certainly not a bad thing for the lifespan of my phone.

Also, when did being bezel-less become the benchmark for measuring a phone’s quality? The Pixel 4 hasn’t even been released yet, and people are already slamming it based on the lack of this purported feature. Maybe we should, like, use the phone first and not just judge it by its looks?

Look, I get that being bezel-less looks cool. It gives you that premium feel, and I totally understand that for some folks it’s all about that. But I’d argue that the bezel v. bezel-less comparison is not unlike the glass v. plastic comparison. Yes, glass looks and feels so premium. Until you touch it and it becomes a smudgy fingerprint magnet. Plastic, on the other hand, will feel silky and smooth for life!

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