Can Android tablets be saved?

Google recently announced that it would be throwing in the towel on Google-branded Android tablets. That’s a bummer, since at one point Google really showed the hardware community how tablets could and should be done. But, even without Google’s hardware might behind the tablet scene, I don’t think that means the Android tablet is destined to go the way of the dodo. Here are 5 reasons to remain optimistic.

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Shields Up: My Journey Into WordPress Security

After a several-year hiatus, I decided it was time to wipe the virtual dust off of this blog. However, when I opened the drawer, I discovered a sad sight: several–thankfully somewhat inept–hackers had compromised the security of my site. I had fallen victim to malicious redirects, junk posts, uploaded malware, and a host of other troublesome tactics. What followed was a day-long quest to de-hackify my blog, get it back into working order, and put in some protection to make sure this wouldn’t happen again. Here’s my tale.

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Will Google be your next cell carrier?

Reports have been flying over the past several days regarding Google’s possible entry into the cell carrier space. If the reports are accurate, Google will be reselling Sprint (and possibly T-Mobile) spectrum to eager consumers as an MVNO sometime this year. I’ll offer some thoughts and observations on this interesting development.  Continue reading “Will Google be your next cell carrier?”

On Cloud 9

5 years ago, I’m pretty sure I straight-up laughed when someone told me that storing files in the cloud was the future of computing. The idea that I had to have an internet connection to access, say, my music files seemed ridiculous. “What happens if I lose my internet connection?” I thought to myself.

The funny part is, even then I was already heavily invested in cloud computing. Chances are, so were you.

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Have smartphones gotten too big?

The other day, LG unveiled its new G2 smartphone.  Among its other top-notch specs, it’s packing a 5.2” display.

That’s almost half a foot.

Many Android smartphone manufacturers are subscribing to the “bigger is better” mantra these days.  I was unquestionably of that school of thought when I upgraded from a Droid Incredible with a 3.7” display to a Galaxy SIII and its glorious 4.8” display.  But is that the right perspective to have?  Sooner or later, there is a point of diminishing returns.  Have Android smartphone displays finally gotten too big?
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What explains Samsung’s Android success?

After seeing all the coverage of The Wall Street Journal’s article about Google and Samsung being frienemies, I found myself wondering: Why, of all the companies angling for dominance in the smartphone space, has Samsung managed to claim the throne?  What has Samsung done to truly distinguish itself?  Does it deserve all the fame and fortune Android has bestowed upon it?

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