About the author

THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER is that I’m a technology geek.  I’ve been once since my father brought home our first AST Pentium 60Mhz.  From that moment–primarily because I realized video games on the computer were, at that time, way ahead of my NES–I was hooked (I’m still a Nintendo guy at heart, though).

I’ve decided it’s now time to share my geekdom with the Internet.

My strongest technology interests currently lie with Android.  I was a slow adopter of the smartphone, but finally took the plunge in 2010.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  I now follow Android news of all kind rather rabidly; headlines about new Android updates and tweaks tickle my fancy, and device reviews are like beers and burgers for me (i.e., a very good thing).  You can frequently find me listening to an Android podcast in the morning instead of NPR these days.  Wow.

This site won’t attempt to emulate any of the big-name Android websites.  I don’t have the time, energy, or resources for that.  Instead, it will be one person’s hobby, broadcast for all to see.  And hopefully enjoy.